All We Know


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Recorded at Right of Way Studios in Nashville, TN.
Produced, engineered, and mixed by Ben Harrington

Mastered by Dave Reiley

All songs written by Tyler Vinatelli, Stephen Malone, and Austin Wright. Recorded by ForeverandNever.

ForeverandNever is:

Tyler Vinatelli - vocals
Stephen Malone - guitar/keys
Justin Elliot - guitar
Austin Wright - drums/vocals
Josh Dawn - Bass

Management: Nathan Dohse


released May 27, 2016



all rights reserved


FOREVERANDNEVER Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Unbound
So can we take this back?
or are we all just to far gone now?
All my heroes died alone.
We’ll say goodbye. We’ll close our eyes.
Hearts for the taking. I’m never coming home.

Why oh why? What a question to beg.
As if all I want is just a thought inside my head.
A forrest of doubt that is rooted so deep.
This sea of souls that all have accepted defeat.

Mom and Dad are you proud of the boy that I’ve become?
I pissed away tuition for a van and a setting sun.
The blackest one.

So I crawl through the shit and through the waste.
Until the end of my days.
Til father time lets me show my true face.
I am what you fear, the misguided disgrace.

Mom and Dad are you proud of the boy that I’ve become?

Better off, we’re better off.
I’ll never come home.

Buried alone.
Track Name: Safest Place to Hide
This town will see the extent of my wrath as i reclaim.
The certainty, that my face will, my face will remain.
They will never ever speak again.
without my name inside their throats
They will never ever sleep again.
This hurt hooked in my bones.

You lay beside me.
I’ve come to haunt your dreams.

They always told me that i’d never ever get away.
But, when the ashes settle, all of you will see it my way.
And, I hope that you will all live with a part of me.
Now the tables have turned, on you.

An amber moon, to match my eyes, get out of town,
before the sunrise. I loved how the gas it smelt, it
covered my hands before the match lit.
I heard the screams, I heard my name, it was so pretty.
It was such a shame. They were unaware.

Burn them to the ground
Track Name: Fix
Lay your head, beside my head.
God forgive me, for the sin that i am.
Pressing hard, against your jeans.
Your hands on my neck.
Be quiet, we can’t be seen.
We plot, inside of this hollow car.
Gotta see if we both still have our hearts.
The car is cold. The drugs are quick.
God help me, for the sin that she is.

Medicate me, let me float away.
God, I know that she’s no good,
I have to make it through the day.
Medicate me, let me ease the pain.
God, I know that she’s no good.
But, without her, I’ll be insane.

Another night as the guilt subsides,
Please forgive me, for pushing you away.
I scream at you, please say what you mean.
This searing pain will be the death of you.
or the fucking death of me.

They’ve got what you wanted.
She’s got what you’ve needed.
To make it all go away.
She’ll flow right through your veins now.
She’ll break down all your walls now.
Weaken the knees, let me see you shake.

A separate excuse, that I will use daily,
to destroy the truth where I felt the safest.
Track Name: Poison Ghost
The bottle that your drinking
It makes you think of all the things that you want and it’s not what it seems, one glass at a time.
This time your not winning, and you can’t take me home.

The filth, the lies, the horrid goodbyes that made me turn away.
I need you out of my head, with all those foolish things that flow from your mouth.
I don’t care what you say.

The lies, now you’re late, god I’ve got you figured out.
You were wrong and you’re a fake.
I knew all along, listen to what I say

I came out a much better man this time around, without your foolish tongue to reel me in to the foolish games you play. Now I win, what’s to say?

She was like a vampire, a cold hard bitch. Sucking the life out of me.
Find your place you animal.

You’re just a ghost now, a ghost to me.